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¿You want to take the pulse of your city and defend the SMOLL republic spirit ?

Created as an opportunity to be part of a community committed to the values ​​that underpin our brand, we built the Brand Ambassadors Program.


A special bond that we would love to have with you!

You sign up?

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¿What it means to be an ambassador of SMOLL republic ?

SMOLL republic ambassadors are people who share the values ​​of the lifestyle that drives us. A shared commitment to caring for the environment, animals and the environment that surrounds us, practicing a slower pace of life and aligned with sustainability.

They believe in our project, are willing to publicize and represent our brand, with the ability to give voice to the message that unites us and transmit it with passion to their closest followers.

The participation of our ambassadors in SMOLL campaigns is essential when choosing places, themes and ideas for our campaigns.

At SMOLL we encourage you to share your interests, highlighting your favorite activities, artists, restaurants, places, etc.

A few very simple steps... and you'll be in!

A place for everything, and all very easy. At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying...

apply ►

Request to be part of our program; You just have to answer a few basic questions. We want to meet you!

receive confirmation ►

You will receive a response to your request in a short time, where we will indicate the next steps!

creat your account ►

Set up your account, where you can track your actions, communicate with us and evaluate the effectiveness of your posts.

Start earning! ►

Start publishing, share your discount codes with your community of followers, and most importantly... receive commissions for enjoying what you do!


You promote and support exclusive events offered through our social networks. You invite their friends to be part of the world of SMOLL and promote the plans on social networks.

You help us catch the trends for our campaigns, because the most active ambassadors and those who give the profile, can be invited to be an active part of our photo and lifestyle campaigns as models or collaborators!!!!

You foster all kinds of relationships that are attractive to our brand, being part of our project and contributing to being better every day.

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If you join our program, SMOLL republic will provide you with the following advantages and benefits:

The Welcome: “Welcome Pack of SMOLL republic jewelery pieces, exclusively for you..

Permanent and unlimited discount for you: Permanent and unlimited 30% discount, with which you can enjoy our collections throughout the year through

Commission for you and discounts for your followers: 15% commission on the sales generated through your actions, for which we will send you an exclusive and personalized discount code that you can offer to your followers whenever you want.

Notoriety and visibility: As a result of our own campaigns and promotions, since we will be publishing your content and photos that best fit our lifestyle.

Be the first: Invitations to events and inaugurations, as well as knowing first-hand, launches, promotions and exclusive campaigns!



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