Winter:how to wear jewelry when temperatures drop

T-shirt, sweater, scarf, coat, hat, gloves and your jewelry We know, winter is not the best friend of costume jewelery, but in SLOW Style Guide we have some keys so that you do not lose your style even when you are very covered.a.


Low temperatures do not have to be synonymous with stopping wearing your favorite jewelry. Whether you are more gold or silver, remember to choose the jewelry color that highlights your features the most. When we are brown, gold looks brighter, it is true, but sometimes we must change seasonally according to what best matches our skin tone. Onthis post We explain it to you better.

Some necklaces look much better with closed necklines or high necks like the ones we usually wear in winter. Our double or triple models, which become a great ally for this type of outfit and highlight your look.

If you are to wear scarves or foulards, opt for slightly larger earrings that contrast with the tone of the scarf. Repeat this advice also when you are wearing a hat and you want to highlight your features and hair.

The rings are undoubtedly a firm bet in winter. Our adjustable models fit your fingers even when they shrink from low temperatures. Some of our favorites arel Hudsy, Totem Star or theStyla, with zircons of different colors ideal to combine with more models.  

We also suggest you choose pieces of necklaces or bracelets that stand out more and are the protagonists by themselves or combined with each other. You know the layering trend. In the previous post we explained everything about it and winter is a good time to start using it. If you don't dare, remember that with models like himl Stars layer or theTriple crescent You already generate a look with a lot of personality without the need to combine with more chains.

Do not stop wearing your favorite pieces in winter and put these tips into practice to achieve a style with a lot of personality.

Stay tuned that the next post already intuits what it can be about (hint: go making your gift list).

¡Until next time!

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