To layer or not to layer:how to create a multi-necklace look

The trend of wearing several necklaces is called layering and in this new edition of the SLOW Style Guide we explain how to show off your jewelry generating a waterfall effect without dying in the attempt.


For some seasons, the layering trend (or wearing several layers of garments) has been strongly imposed in costume jewelery. At SLOW Republic we love to propose different combinations of necklaces to generate looks with a lot of personality, but without losing harmony.

Necklaces are undoubtedly the best option to fully immerse yourself in this trend that consists of wearing multiple chains and superimposing them in a coherent way. A good option to start using these outfits is to visually create an inverted pyramid and place your necklaces in ascending order, in order to better highlight your features. You can start with a fine chain like oursDahlia chain or theBlank Necklace and then continue for some thicker likeAlizza chain and finish with a pendant piece that stands out like the one on our necklaceWilder Bold Coin.   

¿How about adding a little color? Whether in all the layers or just one, it will give more personality to your look and it will surely be a good option for when the temperatures rise. Try to start with one of our colored natural stone chokers and continue with matching chains, or place a colored pendant on the last layer of your outfit..

For the most daring the option is to mix different metals and textures. To make your look harmonious, opt for chains in gold and silver but the same or similar, you will see how well theLaya Chain in different colors. Remember that all our necklaces come with extension chains so you can play with the different lengths of your chains.Here We also leave you a trick to superimpose the necklaces so that they do not get tangled.

Beyond necklaces, the layering trend also applies to bracelets and why not rings. In these cases, it is better to opt for pieces of the same color and play with the sizes. You can combine our bracelets with bracelets with chains or with charms, to give an even more personalized and unique touch to your outfit.

As we always say, the rules are set by yourself and if you do not decide to bet fully on this trend, do not hesitate to contact us through social networks or at our stands so that we can advise you on how to create harmonious looks.

¡Until next time!

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