The best options to show off your jewelry at Christmas parties!

From the company dinner to the Three Kings, starting in December the agenda begins to fill up with all kinds of events where your accessories cannot go unnoticed.

We want you to show off at all the meetings this month and celebrate in style with your favorite jewelry. Celebratory nights are coming and glitter is an option that never fails, but even for the most classic we have many options.

When you think about your looks, choose first if you want to highlight something in particular: that the accessories are the protagonists or complementary to your outfit.

In previous editions of the SLOW Style Guide we have given you several tips on how to choose your jewelry for special occasions, but if you still have doubts, remember that the end of the year parties are usually the ones to bet on everything.”.

We have a wide collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets with rhinestones and diamonds that are a safe bet to complement your outfit on these dates. Plus, there's more Christmas than stars. At SLOW Republic we have thousands of star-shaped earrings and pendants to show off your holiday spirit in style.o.

If you prefer to choose colored jewelry (which at this time we dress a lot in black), this year, green is a super trend and what better way to wear necklaces likeLocket stone or the pendantSignet. On the other hand, if you want to wear a more classic look,our double chain necklaces Gold or silver will highlight all types of cleavage that you see on these special nights.

We will be very excited that you will find our SLOW boxes under your tree for another year. We take this opportunity to thank you for joining us during 2021 and we hope to continue seeing you here and at our stands very soon.

¡Until next year!

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