Summer:the best time to bet on the 'more is more'

Holidays, rest, sunny days and long nights in which time stands still. In this second installment of SLOW Style Guide we present you the best options to show off your summer jewelry.


Summer is synonymous with fun, days of rest, free and relaxed spirit, but it is also the time to dare to play with our clothes and accessories. It is the ideal time to use those striking colors, those shapes and trends that highlight and make your looks more memorable (because in summer we always take more photos than usual, no).).

If in the first chapter ofSLOW Style Guide We teach you to choose what type of pieces to choose according to your colorimetry, this time we invite you to break all the rules and play it for stronger bets: colors, combinations and many, many SLOW Republic pieces.
  • When choosing the earrings that accompany you during the summer, opt for those that allow you to highlight your look, but in a subtle way. On the beach or in the heat we usually use our hair up and that makes any earring stand out a little more, so even the smallest models can look great.
  • The time has come to choose your summer necklaces and that is where you will put all your attention. Take advantage of the fact that in summer we use more open necklines and play with overlays, lengths and mix necklaces of different sizes and lengths to create a striking, but harmonious look. Remember that ALL our pieces can get wet in salt water, as well as in the pool. Of course, we recommend that as soon as you can, you clean them with fresh water and a cloth (or towel) so that you can give them extra affection. Also try to take care of them from the sunscreen, which we usually apply a lot in the décolleté area.
  • A MUST that you cannot miss in summer are our anklets. Made of surgical steel to be able to dive with them on your favorite beaches, they are the ideal complement for your summer look, even if you stay in the city. Our double chain model is the preferred one for you when it comes to dressing your feet on vacation.

    Tell us which piece you can not miss in your summer look and tell us if these tips that we have designed especially for you are useful for you.

    Stay tuned for a new installment of the SLOW Style Guide with more tips to get you started in the world of costume jewelery or to become an expert on the subject.

    ¡Until next time!

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