Jewelry that Lasts:How to Keep Your Jewelry in Impeccable Condition


Each jewel tells a story, and to keep it alive, it is essential to learn the secrets of how to keep them. In this post, we will give you some tips to take care of your Smoll jewelry and ensure that it continues to dazzle with its unique charm.


Separation and Organization:

The first step towards effective storage is organization. Use separate compartments for each type of jewelry, avoiding tangles and scratches. Organize your necklaces, bracelets and rings in specific compartments, and consider separating by materials to prevent unwanted reactions.

Velvet or Felt Linings:

Add an extra touch of protection by placing velvet linings or felt on the inside of your jewelry boxes. These coatings will help prevent scratches and minimize wear and tear caused by constant rubbing.

Moisture protection:

Avoid humidity by storing your jewelry in a dry place. You can include small silica packages in your storage boxes to absorb moisture and keep your jewelry in optimal condition.

Check and Clean Regularly:

Establish a monthly inspection and cleaning routine. Check each piece for potential problems such as loose fasteners or loose stones. Clean jewelry according to our recommendations care guide so that they are perfect

Proper care of your jewelry not only preserves its aesthetics, but also ensures that each piece continues to be an authentic reflection of your style and personality. So, keep applying these practical tips and continue being the passionate narrator of the stories your jewelry has to tell.

 ¡May their shine endure and continue to witness the most special moments in your life!

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