How to be the perfect guest with SLOW Republic

Accessories are a key part of wedding, baptism and event looks. For this reason, and because we know that that day will be unforgettable, we present you a special selection of our best clothes to show off.


Weddings, events, baptisms, communions, on that special day we want to accompany you. For this reason, in this new edition of SLOW Style Guide we present you a selection of our ideal costume jewelery so that you can be the perfect guest at all parties.

We know that many of you choose in advance the dress for an event, but and the accessories Do not leave this fundamental part of a party look for the last, you know, planning is the key to success.o.

First analyze the style of your clothes. You will wear a dress A jumpsuit A suit jacket Beyond combining colors, think about the neckline you will wear, so it will be easier to choose the necklace and earrings. For garments with an open neck and low cut, our layering collection, with double or triple necklaces is a great option to accompany your look. If you do not dare to carry your cleavage so much, we suggest yourimos our Juna models, both indouble version as simple, that with its fine strass will provide the necessary elegance on that special day.

It is the turn of the earrings. You already know how you will comb your hair. For collected hair, your favorites for events are usually our long and striking earrings. Our modelo Glint is a safe bet, as well as theLaya Chain or theLoop. If you prefer a more classic option or if the necklace will be the protagonist, go for the earringsElissa, which with its multiple combination of colors will be the ideal complement for more than one of your events.

Don't forget to show off your hands either. Rings likeCodie,Single orStyla They are ideal to combine with each other and give a touch of color to your outfit. If you prefer to choose a large ring only, we recommend our modelsSea Crown orEmpress. Remember also that we have a great offer of combined pieces to wear together, such as the Juna rhinestone model, which also comes inbracelet. Our collection of bracelets is another option that will add a sophisticated touch to your guest look, whether you are wearing silver or gold accessories.

Remember that all our pieces are made of 316 surgical steel and you can wear them throughout the party without fear of spoiling or causing allergies. We will love to see your guest looks SLOW Republic! Share your photo with us (I don't know if you would put a # or link to social networks) and tell us if our tips have been useful to you..

Stay tuned to receive more recommendations on how to make the most of your jewelery. Until next time!!

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