How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Going to the Beach

The beach season is here, and with it, the opportunity to show off your summer style. Although the beach may not seem like the ideal place to wear jewelry, choosing the right pieces can elevate your look without compromising the comfort or durability of your accessories. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect jewelry for the beach.

Water-Resistant Materials

When it comes to beach jewelry, the material is key. Opt for pieces made of water-resistant materials, such as stainless steel that will never let you down. This material not only resists the corrosion of saltwater and chlorine but also maintains its shine and color for longer. And you know what? All our jewelry is made of Stainless Steel 316

Simple and Minimalist Designs

The beach is synonymous with relaxation and comfort, so it's best to choose jewelry with simple and minimalist designs. Small and lightweight pieces, like thin bracelets, simple rings, and short necklaces, are not only elegant but also practical, as they will not interfere with your beach activities and plans.

Avoid Heavy Jewelry

Heavy jewelry can be uncomfortable and impractical at the beach. Opt for lightweight pieces that won't weigh you down or bother you while swimming, playing volleyball, or simply relaxing on the sand. This way, you'll avoid losing them!

Safety and Care

Safety is paramount. Avoid wearing very valuable jewelry or in poor condition to the beach, as the risk of loss is higher. Also, always rinse your jewelry with fresh water after being in the sea to remove salt and sand residues.

For this summer, at Smoll Republic, we recommend some of our perfect beach jewelry:

  • Chania Necklace and Bracelet Set: With water-resistant colorful beads, these accessories are not only vibrant and cheerful but also durable for all your beach adventures.
  • Sami Toe Ring: Made of water-resistant natural stones, this ring is perfect for adding a bohemian and chic touch to your beach style.
  • Color Hoop Earrings: With a safety clasp, these earrings are ideal for keeping your look fresh and secure, even in the water.

Choosing the perfect jewelry for the beach doesn't have to be complicated. With these tips and recommendations from Smoll Republic, you can enjoy beauty and style at the beach without worrying about damaging your accessories.

Get ready to shine under the sun this summer!

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